Total of coronavirus cases recorded in Salisbury since March

The number of coronavirus cases recorded in Salisbury since the start of the pandemic has been revealed for the first time.

Public Health England figures are normally available at local authority level so specific data for Salisbury is hard to obtain.

However, the official figure which allows us to understand the proportion of cases recorded in the city has now been disclosed to the Journal by Wiltshire Council.

Between March 19 and October 29, 222 coronavirus cases were recorded in the Salisbury area.

The figure equates to 6.52 per cent of Wiltshire’s total which, as of Wednesday November 4, stands at 3,404.

Although numbers are low, the council warned they are growing.

Salisbury District Hospital also warned the public not to underestimate the impact of Covid-19, which earlier this week claimed the lives of two more patients.

A map showing which areas in and around Salisbury have had cases reported in the latest weekly period is available on the government coronavirus dashboard.

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