The Wiltshire areas with the most coronavirus cases

The Wiltshire areas with the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been revealed.

A map based on Public Health England data, accessible through the government’s coronavirus dashboard, breaks down coronavirus cases by Middle Super Output Areas (MSOA), small areas with an average population of around 7,200.

In Wiltshire, almost all MSOAs shown on the map, including Salisbury, have between zero and two cases.

However, a few areas are highlighted in light blue meaning between 3 and 9 cases have been recorded there.

Salisbury Journal: Areas with three to nine cases Areas with three to nine cases

These areas, which are all north of Salisbury, include:

Larkhill, Shrewton and Bulford Camp – 3 cases

Amesbury – 4 cases

Warminster West & North – 3 cases

Devizes East – 8 cases

Walcot East (Swindon) – 3 cases

Shown on the map, which includes data from pillar 1 and pillar 2 of the Government’s testing programme, are also areas with more than 10, 20, 30 and 40 cases. However, these are mainly in the north of England.

The map is based on lab confirmed positive cases of coronavirus reported by September 17 with specimen dates between September 9 and 15.

The data are updated each weekday, and show the latest seven days for which near-complete data are available.

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