Salisbury’s Bemerton added to Covid hotspots map

Bemerton has been added to the coronavirus hotspots map following a rise in cases.

According to the most updated version of the map, based on confirmed cases reported by October 9 with specimen dates between October 1 and October 7, four infections have been recorded there.

This means the area is now shaded in light blue like every other place where three to nine cases have been recorded.

Larkhill, Shrewton and Bulford Camp, which on the map are all grouped together, now have 10 infections.

It’s the area with the highest number of cases in and around Salisbury, the map shows, as well as the only area highlighted in a darker shade of blue used to identify places with 10 to 19 cases.

Salisbury Journal: The map as of Monday October 12The map as of Monday October 12

As a result of the recent spike in Covid cases, Wiltshire’s chances of becoming a hotspot are set to increase sharply, according to an online calculator.

PM Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement later today outlining new measures to curb the rise in cases, especially in the North of England.

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