Salisbury Reds bus attack culprits set to go ‘undetected’

THE culprits behind the Salisbury Reds bus attacks are set to go “undetected”, with a lack of CCTV stalling the police investigation.

The vandalism on Tuesday, April 13, and Thursday, April 15, took place on Saint Michaels Road in Bemerton Heath. 

As a result, routes were diverted and the police presence in the area was increased.

Richard Gagg, Salisbury Reds operations manager, said at the time they were reviewing CCTV in a bid to identify the perpetrators, and were being assisted by police.

Wiltshire Police has now told the Journal that there is no relevant CCTV and as yet there are no witnesses either.

Because of this, the incident is being recorded as “undetected”.

A statement added: “If any further evidence comes to light or anyone with information comes forward, then will we investigate further.”

‘Potential danger to life’

Cllr Caroline Corbin

Cllr Caroline Corbin

Labour Bemerton councillor Caroline Corbin condemned the attacks, saying those responsible should be aware their “reckless and dangerous” actions could have posed a “potential danger to life”.

Jonathon Seed, the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, says he wants to see more officers and more visible, effective policing in areas like Bemerton Heath, and says he is committing to an extra 100 police officers over the next three years, should he be elected.

‘Shocked and appalled’

Ed Rimmer

Ed Rimmer

Ed Rimmer, the Conservative candidate for Bemerton Heath in the upcoming elections, said he was “shocked and appalled” by the attacks.

He added: “We need more robust policing. We simply cannot tolerate antisocial behaviour and criminal damage, particularly not when it endangers the lives and wellbeing of people going about their daily life.”

Ed is calling for a Public Space Protection Order for the area to prevent people from carrying catapults and ball bearings in the area.

He is also encouraging people to sign a petition calling for catapults to be made illegal.

He added: “If elected, I would work with the PCC and the local Police to ensure that the Police target the area and that they are able to take criminal damage seriously.”

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