Salisbury mum thanks Southampton NHS heroes for saving baby

Young Salisbury mum Beth George, 24, cannot thank the NHS heroes who treated her newborn son enough.

Remy Curtis was born last April at Salisbury District Hospital.

However, in less than 24 hours the baby was rushed away from his mum and was transferred to Princess Anne’s NICU in Southampton for life-saving surgery.

Remy was born with a birth defect called Malrotation of the Bowel, and doctors had told Beth that her son might not make it.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Remy’s dad Luke Curtis was unable to visit his new baby and his partner.

Salisbury Journal: Remy celebrating his first Halloween.

Beth spent 12 days in the NICU with Remy on her own, and relied on support from the NHS staff around her.

Beth was an inpatient on the maternity ward due to a general anaesthetic Caesarean section and quite severe trauma from being separated from Remy.

The team at Southampton were able to successfully operate on Remy and saved his life.

Now, Beth and dad Luke, 28, are hoping to raise funds to thank them.

Beth said: “Because of covid, Luke could not be with us the whole time we were there.

“Despite this, the staff at the NICU, on the maternity ward (particularly Megan Rayner), and the surgeons were fantastic.

“They saved my baby and they acted as my support when my whole world was falling apart.”

Salisbury Journal: Beth George, Luke Curtis and baby Remy.

She added: “I can never repay my gratitude but I am hoping to in some way by doing a 15,000ft parachute jump in April.

“They are my heroes and I can never, ever thank them enough.”

Beth and Luke have set up a JustGiving page and have so far raised more than £1,700.

Beth hopes to take part in a skydive on April 30 this year – provided the current Government restrictions will allow it to take place.

She added: “All the money I raise will go to Southampton Hospitals Charity and towards the NICU that saved Remy’s, and countless other babies’ lives.”

To donate, visit the Just Giving page

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