Salisbury Met Office weather forecast for week ahead

Snow will be replaced by a brief burst of sunshine and then rain in the coming days in Salisbury, according to the Met Office weather forecast for the city.

Residents hoping for an extended winter wonderland may be disappointed by the predictions for the weather in the week ahead.

It won’t even stay sunny for lockdown walks for long, with rays melting the snow early in the week, only to give way to showers later.

Snow in Salisbury

Here’s a summary of the Met Office forecast for the five days of the coming working week:

Monday, January 25

After a clear night, with temperatures dropping low to -2C, Salisbury will wake up to sun on Monday morning.

The chances of any further snow – or rain for that matter – are rated as extremely low for the first day of the working week.

The sun will shine throughout the day until 4-5pm, before the arrival of a clear night.

But as you’d expect it will remain crisp and cold, even during the height of the day’s sun, with temperatures not rising beyond a peak of 5C.

Tuesday, January 26

Tuesday is expected to be far less pleasant, with the Met Office summarising the forecast for the day as “cloudy changing to light rain in the afternoon”.

Look out for the first of the rain at around 3pm.

Temperatures will peak at 6C.

Wednesday, January 27

Wednesday will be warmer, the Met Office says, albeit only slightly, with temperatures peaking at 9C.

It will be an overcast day, with light rain arriving in the evening.

No more sun and no more snow!

Thursday, January 28

Thursday is forecast to start with light rain from the night before, turning cloudy by lunch and staying that way in the afternoon.

With highs of 11C, it could be the hottest day of the week, though (but still feeling wintry).

Light showers could return on Thursday night.

Friday, January 29

More of the same is likely on Friday, according to the Met Office.

The morning will be gloomy or overcast, changing to slightly brighter cloudy weather, before light rain arrives again in the afternoon and evening.

This rain could turn heavy between 6pm-9pm.

Temperatures should hold fairly steady at around the 9C-10C mark.

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