Monolith found on Laverstock Downs near Salisbury

WALKERS were greeted by an unusual sight on this frosty New Year’s Day morning. 

A monolith has appeared on the Laverstock Downs near Salisbury.

It is the latest in a number that have been appearing at locations around the world – including in the desert of Utah in the United States. 

Jenny Istead came across the monolith during her usually walk with her family and two dogs Ruby and Pembroke. 

Salisbury Journal:

She said: “It was an unusual morning. I walk my dogs very early, we go up the downs at about 7 o’clock so it’s just starting to get light. We were making our way up the hill and I thought ‘gosh, what on earth is that?’.

“Right up by the top by the trees was this gorgeous monolith. It’s lovely. It was covered in frost but we just rubbed away a little bit and it’s got a mirrored surface to it and a pyramid at the top. It looks beautifully made – it is a real work of art.”

Salisbury Journal:

Jenny says she walks on Laverstock Downs every morning and that the monolith was not there yesterday morning. 

Salisbury Journal:

“I was just trying to make out what it was and as I got closer I realised it was a monolith,” she added. 

However, the sight didn’t impress dogs, Ruby and Pembroke, who had a sniff and just “carried on”. 

Salisbury Journal:

A Happy New Year message has also appeared on the monolith – written in the frost. This picture was sent in by Chris Shering. 

Salisbury Journal:

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