Latest Covid-19 figures for Salisbury and South Wiltshire

The overall coronavirus picture in Salisbury and the surrounding areas has been improving, a map on the government’s website shows.

Compared to just a few days ago, case numbers and rates in the city are going down as a result of lockdown restrictions and the impact they had which is now being reflected in the figures.

The tool breaks down infections in England by small areas with an average population of 7,200, which are referred to as Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs). The figures are based on data from Public Health England.

For each MSOA, the map shows the number of cases recorded in the latest weekly period, the case rate per 100,000 and whether cases have gone up or down compared to the previous week.

This is the data for Salisbury for the week ending on December 3:

Salisbury Journal: The week to December 3The week to December 3

  • Larkhill, Shrewton & Bulford Camp (29 cases +8 on previous week; rolling rate of 268.4)
  • Laverstock, Bodenham & Coombe Bissett (5 cases -3 on previous week; rolling rate of 55.1) 
  • Durrington & Bulford (5 cases +3 on previous week; rolling rate of 80.8) 
  • Amesbury (10 cases +3 on previous week; rolling rate of 80.9)
  • Salisbury Bishopsdown (4 cases +2 on previous week; rolling rate of 59.9) 
  • Salisbury Churchfields (6 cases +1 on previous week; rolling rate of 89.0)
  • Wilton, Nadder & Ebble (7 cases +2 on previous week; rolling rate of 68.0) 
  • Downton & Morgan’s Vale (4 cases +1 on previous week; rolling rate of 49.8)

Data for Salisbury Cathedral & Harnham; East Harnham; Salisbury Town North & Milford; Stratford; Bemerton; Great Wishford, Woodford Valley & Porton is suppressed due to fewer than three infections being reported in each area.

Kate Blackburn, the director of public health for Wiltshire, said numbers are “continuing to head in the right direction”.

She said: “We have had that decrease in numbers for a second week in a row, but it’s not as significant a drop as last week. We’ll be monitoring that very closely.

“Thankfully the impact of the national restrictions and our population’s efforts are continuing to show.

“Which does put us in good stead as we head into the Christmas period but certainly not in a place where we can be complacent.”

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