Lash Bar Salisbury owner launches Jellyfish Eco Company

A SALISBURY woman has kickstarted her new business venture with an eco-friendly focus.

Launched during the coronavirus lockdown, the Jellyfish Eco Company encourages shoppers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, transforming their spending habits and daily routines to instead prioritise a focus on the planet.

Set up by The Lash Bar owner, Laurie Sammons, the business sources locally and ethically made products from across the UK with less negative impact on the environment, with stock including deodorant, cutlery, hair products and toiletries.

“I have wanted to start this for a long time, part of my old job was doing an online shop and I really liked it,” explained Laurie.

She added: “At the moment there is a big focus on changing single-use plastic, everyone needs to make eco-conscious choices.

“It isn’t as convenient and takes some effort but we need this different approach to help the planet, and these products are good for us too.”

Laurie added that she chooses products based on where they are made, in a bid to support small businesses within the country, ensuring there are no harmful chemicals and that both the item and its packaging can be recycled.

Starting Jellyfish Eco at home while her beauty business was closed, the 31-year-old said she spent three days researching products and the market, adding: “I had lots of time during lockdown to push myself with a challenge, and I just thought ‘right I’m going to make a go out of this’.

“[Jellyfish Eco] puts a positive message out there and now is a good time to re-evaluate how we do things.

“I wanted to change myself in a way that can help the planet. People are not shopping as much at the moment but there’s been a positive response, I’ve been very lucky.”

The company, which Laurie has tied in with her work as a beautician, also sells decorative jellyfish, which Laurie said has become the business’s “mascot”.

“They look really lovely and people are obsessed with them,” she added.

Jellyfish Eco products are sold in The Lash Bar and at

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