John Glen calls for People Friendly Salisbury scheme to be suspended

MP FOR Salisbury John Glen has called for the People Friendly Streets traffic scheme to be temporarily suspended.

In a letter to the leader of Wiltshire Council, Philip Whitehead, Mr Glen has outlined his concerns with the scheme, and requested that the project is suspended until next summer.

It comes as many businesses and residents within the city centre called the scheme to reduce traffic “a disaster”.

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What John Glen MP said

He said: “I have always supported the aspiration to boost cycling and walking in Salisbury. Improving air quality and making the city a healthier place to live in and visit should be a priority for us.

“That is why I backed the attempt by Wiltshire Council to introduce an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) and Low Traffic Zone (LTZ) to help achieve these objectives. I commend them for their bold ambition in this area.

“But the pandemic this year and now the second lockdown mean that traffic levels nationally remain significantly lower than normal.

“This creates huge challenges for an experimental scheme such as has been introduced in Salisbury. It’s impossible to accurately measure the impact of the scheme on traffic on the A36 or footfall levels in the city centre when our normal baseline has disappeared.”

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He says it should not be reintroduced until traffic and footfall levels have returned to normal levels and so that its impact can be more accurately measured.

He added: “It is also important that a much wider consultation takes place before a new scheme is introduced. I have received a large amount of correspondence from constituents who are concerned about the current project and argue that the interests of motorists and businesses outside the city centre have been ignored.

“Making sure these voices are included in a future consultation will be important in helping shape a scheme that enjoys wider support from local residents.

“At a time of national crisis it’s important that we remain united in facing the challenges ahead. We should put the divisiveness of this issue behind us until we can consider the matter more carefully when normal times return.”

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