February sunny weekend: Spring-like weather in Salisbury

Salisbury residents have made the most of the sunshine this weekend as the city, and much of the country, was treated to spring-like weather.

Churchfield Gardens, Old Sarum and Lords Walk were popular destinations for a stroll in the sunshine as temperature reached highs of 12 degrees.

Lockdown rules mean people should only leave home to shop for essentials, go to work or go for daily exercise. 

The spring-like conditions inspired many to go on walks and spend time outdoors.

Becky Albiston shared this picture of her dog, also enjoying the sunny weather at the park.

Salisbury Journal:

Ali Queenie Race posted the picture below taken during her walk in Churchfield Gardens.

Salisbury Journal:

Old Sarum also looked lovely this weekend, as these snaps show.

Salisbury Journal:

Salisbury Journal:

Did you enjoy this sunny weekend? What did you get up to?

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