Danny Kruger responds to Avon Valley Sixth Form closure

“SOMEONE has blundered, and I expect an investigation to prevent anything similar happening in future.”

That’s the response from MP Danny Kruger to the news that Avon Valley sixth form is likely to close at the end of this academic year.

The closure was announced last month, with the college – based in Durrington – citing “unacceptable financial challenges”, and that enrolment figures are “unsustainable”.

Mr Kruger says he has been contacted by a number of Year 12 pupils at Avon Valley College and their parents, who have been “shocked by news”.

Danny Kruger speaks during the debate

Danny Kruger speaks during a debate

‘I am concerned that predictions on numbers were so wrong’

On Monday, the MP for Devizes spoke with Sam Johnston, Principal at the college, who explained the circumstances that led to this difficult decision.

Mr Johnston told Mr Kruger that, with 80 per cent of Avon Valley’s Year 11 students choosing other providers each year, the Sixth Form has become financially unviable.

A much lower intake than expected, coupled with changes to grant funding, has meant this position is very unlikely to change.

A number of formal consultation processes will now begin before it is confirmed that the Sixth Form will close, but on the basis of the facts above it does not seem likely that the current Year 12s will be able to remain at the college for Year 13, to see out their exams.

Brigadier Paddy Ginn, Commander of 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade and Mr Sam Johnston, Executive Principal for Salisbury Plain Academies outside the new classroom block at Avon Valley College in Durrington

Mr Sam Johnston, Executive Principal for Salisbury Plain Academies

Mr Kruger said: “While I appreciate the difficult position the College is in, and its ultimate responsibility to manage its finances sustainably, I am concerned that predictions on student numbers were so wrong – with significant capital costs having gone into a new building and a large number of students interrupted in the middle of their Sixth Form studies.

“Someone has blundered, and I expect Wiltshire Council and the trustees of Avon Valley to investigate to prevent anything similar happening in future. Once the consultation process is concluded I will write to both parties with that request”.

‘It is very said that it has come to this point’

He added that he has been assured that places will be available for pupils on their relevant courses, and he understands the plan will be for students to transfer to new providers as soon as possible to minimise disruption.

He said: “Avon Valley also expects to contribute towards any travel costs faced by students who currently study close to home, and will in future need to travel.

“It is very sad that it has come to this point. I have great sympathy for all involved, particularly the students who have already faced significant disruption to their learning over the past year.

“I hope the process of finding suitable provision for all students affected will be as seamless as possible and I will continue to monitor developments closely.

To read Mr Kruger’s statement in full, click here.

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